Wedding restaurant

Finding a good restaurant for the most important celebration in life is not an easy task. Here interiors, gastronomic trends, quality of cuisine and service come into conflict.


Rule 1: start your search for a restaurant in advance, ideally 2 months in advance. And if your wedding is in the midst of the "mating season", it is better to start your search even earlier.

Rule 2: Calculate the approximate, and ideally as accurate as possible, the number of guests. Not only the budget of the celebration depends on this, but also the size of the banquet hall or restaurant, as well as the possibilities of the kitchen.

Rule 3: Decide on the choice of cuisine for your meals. Talk to the administrator, usually restaurants work out their own vision of the celebration with a list of main dishes.

The location of the restaurant in the Molodezhny park next to a unique fountain and a bas-relief in the form of doves, as well as a luxurious, but light and cozy interior guarantee the presence of picturesque places for your photos

After the initial selection, you should have two to three suitable restaurants or cafes. This is where it's time to move on to the next step – visiting and making your final choice.
When visiting, pay attention to

1) Parking availability, convenient access to the restaurant;
2) Cleanliness around the building, appearance of the restaurant;
3) Convenient transportation (public transport, distance from the subway, etc.).
It gets further complicated. Stepping inside, pay attention to all the little things.
The main thing you should focus on immediately:
4) Interior, ambiance of the restaurant (this is very important for photos);
5) Wardrobe availability;
6) Availability of place for changing clothes (for toastmasters and artists).
7) Availability of a dance floor and space for musicians;
8) Availability of sound and lighting equipment.


We recommend choosing a restaurant in Kharkiv, which is located near or in a park area, near an open water body. This can open up new horizons for the celebration, for example, hold an outdoor ceremony or a photo shoot in a picturesque place.

The restaurant is ready to accept up to 60 people in a banquet format and up to 100 people in a buffet format, which is ideal for a wedding celebration. The newweddies have a great opportunity to carry out an offsite wedding ceremony, buffet on the first floor of the restaurant, and the main banquet on the second floor.

You will need to learn a lot of information from the restaurant administrator.

The main
  • Whether there is a wedding menu, familiarize yourself with it;
  • Find the cost of the banquet per one person;
  • Inquire whether there is an additional payment for renting a restaurant;
  • Whether advance payment for the booking is necessary;
  • What is the minimal order amount;
  • Whether it is possible to bring your own bottles;
  • Whether the final amount will be the same in two months, when the wedding will take place;
  • Whether the administrator gives a guarantee for the dates booked;
  • Whether the hall can be decorated;
  • Whether special banquet linens are available (special cut tablecloths used exclusively for weddings);
  • Whether there are any additional restrictions for the wedding;
  • Availability of additional services for the celebration;
  • Until what time the restaurant is open;
  • Whether there is a refrigerator for cake and other perishable food;
  • Whether there are any discounts.


Modern restaurant trends in serving and decorating
dishes is the main trump card of "Papa Roma" restaurant.
It is possible to decorate the bridal table with a set of
heart-shaped buffet appetizers in a beautiful and delicious way.
Or you can surprise your guests with an exclusive "Lady buffet" service.

Taking care of you, here we choose only quality products and
prepare them without artificial additives.
Special culinary techniques allow "Papa Roma"
cooks to preserve all the most useful and nutritious dishes.

We recommend: If you are in doubt about which of the 2-3 suitable
restaurants in Kharkiv to choose, visit them as an ordinary guest.
Pay attention to order fulfillment speed, the quality of service,
and most importantly – the taste of the prepared dishes.

Or just trust your intuition. Good luck!


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